Luxury Love Swing


The Luxury Love Swing was developed to bring couples closer together by allowing them to focus on intimacy and the act of love making. Using the swing enables partners to effortlessly synchronise their movements, this provides an extra dimension to any sexual relationship.

This premium quality product has been designed and manufactured to ensure it has the strength to support your love making for many years.

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Weight5 kg
Dimensions51 × 39 × 15 cm

Red, Black

Product Dimensions

Instructions for installation

The installation of your Luxury Love Swing is very simple, but it does require a suitably strong joist/beam while indoors, or a branch when you are outdoors.

1. Choose a location

Choose a place you will enjoy love making. This can be anywhere, over your bed, in the corner of the bedroom or even in the middle of the living room. The swing can be put up anywhere there is a strong beam, joist or branch.

2. Install hooks

Find a suitable joist, ideally using a joint finder. The swing requires 2 hanging points, which should be spaced at least 1.4m apart. Once you have marked the desired points, find the centre of the joist and drill a hole with a 7mm bit at a depth of around 60mm.

1. Hang your swing

Ensuring the straps are set at an even length and are not twisted, clip the swing onto the hooks. You can set the swing to any height from the floor.