Enhance your love life with the ultimate sex swing

Women In Sex Swing

Venture out of the bed, and on to the Luxury Love Swing for an exhilarating sexual experience.

illustration of a straight couple using a sex swing doggy styleillustration of a straight couple using a sex swing missonary styleillustration of a gay couple using a sex swingillustration of a lesbian couple using a sex swing for oral sexillustration of a straight couple using a sex swing with swing pushed backillustration of a straight couple using a sex swing with swing pushed back all the wayillustration of a straight couple using a sex swing with partner leaning all the way backillustration of a straight couple using a sex swing with both partners sat in swingTwo men and one women use a sex swing in alternative configuration so they have having a threesomeillustration of a straight couple using a sex swing in a 69 position

Designed for maximum experimentation in the bedroom.

Luxury Love Swing front view


Our premium leather sex swing can be altered to suit a variety of different positions for absolute passion and intimacy.

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Handmade in the UK from premium leather and exceptionally strong nylon webbing.

Couple in sex swing in missionary position with legs spread wide in foot straps

Quality Leather.

With comfortable padded leather, the sex swing offers complete support for the neck and back.

Couple having sex in swing, both are in the swing women on top

Strong Support.

Nylon webbing is exceptionally strong and lightweight ensuring you always feel secure while in the swing.

Two women using sex swing in doggy style position with strap on dildo

Maximise pleasure.

The swing will increase your physical stamina and shift your focus to the pleasure and intimacy of love making.

Getting a blow job sat in sex swing

Easy Adjustments.

The swing can be adjusted to suit anyones needs, providing a variety of ways to make love.

Whats In the Box?

The design and construction of this swing has been carefully considered to maximise its form and function.

1x Sex Swing Base

  • The swing base is made from exceptionally strong and hardwearing nylon.
  • Each of the 5 straps are stitched across the width of the base, providing reassuring support.
  • The padded straps ensure no discomfort due to rubbing against your skin.
  • Wide Velcro strips firmly secure the pillows while allowing for easy rearrangement.
  • The cam buckles are perfect for making easy adjustments with no fear of slipping.
Illustration of the Luxury love swing base

2x Swing Split Ring

  • Inspired by key rings, high strength steel rod is overlapped, to create a strong split ring.
  • This design allows for a smoother swing action while ensuring the weight is evenly distributed.
  • Attaching the straps is easy, simply slip the looped ends in-between the split in the top of the ring.
  • Each ring has 6 nylon straps, 5 are for the swing base and 1 is for a foot strap. Each has a breaking strength of over 1000kgs.
Illustration of the Luxury love swing rings

2x Leather Pillows

  • Each pillow is upholstered in quality leather. This allows for comfort, durability and easy cleaning.
  • The pillows are filled with high density foam for increased structure and support.
  • Zippers are fitted to each pillow to allow for easy maintenance and/or modifications.
  • The pillows have wide strips of velcro to ensure they are securely attached to the swing base.
Illustration of the Luxury love swing removable Leather pillows

Luxury Love Swing

The Luxury Love Swing was developed to bring couples closer together by allowing them to focus on intimacy and the act of love making. Using the swing enables partners to effortlessly synchronise their movements, this provides an extra dimension to any sexual relationship. This premium quality product has been designed and manufactured to ensure it has the strength to support your love making for many years.

Luxury Love Swing front view